Why should you join MAPS Bachelor of Arts in Education degree?

  • This degree helps you to be committed to education as a process of crucial transformation of individuals, school and society.
  • Graduates will have a deep understanding and effective skills in teaching of the full range of subject knowledge as a dynamic aspect of student’s curricular experience.
  • Graduates can make appropriate and explicit links between discipline and pedagogical knowledge.
  • Graduates will be responsive to the rights and needs of diverse learners and community groups and understand the nature of human behavior.
  • Graduates will be able to explore issues central to education within and outside school through various research methodologies.
  • Graduates will understand the needs as scholarly and autonomous adult learners to take responsibility for their own continuing personal and professional development as critically reflective process.

Course Description
The Bachelor of Arts in Education degree courses are offered to the students wishing to pursue a career in teaching secondary and higher secondary students. Graduates of MAPS’s Bachelor of Arts in Education will be specialist secondary and higher secondary educators who are analytically reflective practitioners, knowledgeable in their specialist content area and who are able to operate effectively in a variety of secondary and higher secondary educational contexts.

Curriculum includes subject specialization modules in Business Studies with a blend of educational subjects and professional development modules. Specializing modules covers content in depth to prepare students with sufficient knowledge to guide and facilitate students above secondary level. Educational modules include all the necessary pedagogical dispositions required for teachers to make a life-long difference in students’ life. The course also includes a comprehensive research module in the field of education which would develop critical and systematic thinking and deepened knowledge in the field. Professional experience placements in both secondary and higher secondary schools are aimed to prepare the teachers for their career under guided and effective supervision.

Course Code: MC-705-61

Awarding Body
Certificate for this course will be awarded by the MAPS College.

MNQF Level
Level 7 Bachelors Degree (view Approval)

Academic Requirements
Applicants must meet at least one of the following minimum entry requirements:

  • MAPS Level IV Advanced Certificate in Business Administration
  • MNQF Level 4 Qualification (related field)
  • 2 A’ Level passes (E or above)
  • 2 HSSC passes (C or above)
  • 20 years old AND completion of a Level 4 Qualification (unrelated)
  • 20 years old AND completion of the 10th year of School AND 2 years of work experience in relevant field

Minimum Proficiency in English
Applicants joining a degree programme at MNQF Level 7 must meet one of the following minimum requirements:

  • obtained a score of 5.5 or higher at IELTS or TOFEL score of 457 or Equivalent qualification
  • obtained a ‘C’ pass or a higher grade in IGCSE English as a Second Language
  • completion of Pre-University English Course within first semester of the course

Course Structure
Education Core Modules (7)

  • MBD-710-279 Human Development for Educators
  • MBD-711-280 Teaching Skills and Strategies
  • MBD-712-281 Psychology Applied to Teaching
  • MBD-713-282 Classroom Management and Evaluation
  • MBD-714-283 Information Technology and Education
  • MBD-715-280 Education in a Social and Philosophical Perspective
  • MBD-716-281 Research Methods in Education

Education Elective Modules (select 1)

  • MBD-717-282 Learning and Learning Difficulties
  • MBD-718-283 Counseling Skills and Theories for Educators

Professional Development Modules (4)

  • MBD-745-295 Teaching Secondary Business Studies
  • MBD-720-281 Professional Experience in Secondary School
  • MBD-746-296 Teaching Higher Secondary Business Studies
  • MBD-722-283 Professional Experience in Higher Secondary School

Specialization Core Modules (3)

  • MBD-723-284 Language for Business Purposes
  • MBD-724-285 Business Mathematics
  • MBD-725-282 Ethics for Everyday Life and Business

Specialization Major Modules (6)

  • MBD-732-282 Business and Its Environment
  • MBD-734-284 Human Resource and Organizational Dynamics
  • MBD-736-286 Principles of Marketing
  • MBD-741-291 Management Accounting for Decision Making
  • MBD-742-292 Strategic and Operations Management
  • MBD-747-297 International Business

Specialization Minor Modules (select 3)

  • MBD-726-283 Financial Accounting or MBD-733-283 Microeconomics
  • MBD-727-284 Cost and Management Accounting or MBD-735-285 Macroeconomics
  • MBD-728-285 Financial Management or MBD-737-287 Economic Theory and Policy

Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)

Intakes: Major intakes are in January and June.

Course Assessments
All subjects will be assessed by time constrained paper based exams and assignments that are set and marked MAPS College.

Course Fee and Payment Plan
Payments can be made in installments. Please see Course Fees and Payment Plan for information.

Students who complete the Bachelor of Arts (Business Studies) may use it as a standalone academic qualification or progress on to a Master’s degree.

How to Apply?
Candidates may apply online or download and complete application, which can be submitted to College Reception on the First Floor of H. Vaifilaa-age, Janavaree Magu. Applicants are requested to read the Terms and Conditions for Studying at MAPS College before applying.