The MAPS Institute, previously known as Modern Academy for Professional Studies or more popularly known as MAPS, was established in 1999 with the broad objective of complementing the national efforts to strengthen the human resource base of the country. Accordingly, MAPS offered courses in Accounting and Computing to enable eligible Maldivian nationals to obtain specific qualifications in the field of Business and Accounting. While providing the best quality resources and professional service, MAPS continues to be one of the most successful investments made by its holding Company, FALIM Group Private Limited, owned by Mr. Mohamed Ali, and his younger brother, Mr. Ahmed Ali.

Now, MAPS, as an institute offering tertiary educational qualifications has gained a distinct name in the educational sector for professional studies. To cater to the ever increasing demand for professional courses in the country from both the public and the private sectors, MAPS has been consistently following a policy of continuous expansion with regard to the range of qualifications offered as well as its educational infrastructure. Now, MAPS offers its various courses only in the Capital Male’. Feasibility is currently being explored to open a campus outside Male’ as well.