Change is inevitable, whether it is an individual, small organization of a large multinational organization. Many times the managers find it difficult to implement change in their organizations due to extra friction developed due to the resistance to change. This course covers different approaches to change and scientific methods to implement change in organizations. A proper understanding of change is given at the introductory level and makes the participants confident in implementing a change process.

Course Name
Change Management

Academic Requirements
No formal requirement but competency in written and spoken English would be an added advantage.

Course Contents
5 Hours

  • Introduction to management
  • Management process
  • Management styles
  • Personality
  • Motivation
  • Learning process
  • Organization structure
  • Personality tests

5 Hours

  • Introduction to Change
  • Need for change
  • Lewin’s Force Field Model
  • Individual Change
  • Team change
  • Organizational change
  • Observation methods
  • Leading Change

5 Hours

  • Restructuring
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Cultural change
  • Technological change
  • Change Models
  • Three force model
  • Contingency model
  • ADKAR Model
  • Role plays

1 Hour

  • Examination

3 days (5 hours per day) and 1 hour examination

Course Fee
MRf 1,000/-

Payment Installments
No installment plan

In takes
Throughout the year and on request