Do you think you are not selling anything? The truth is, you are always trying to sell quite a number of ideas, beliefs, and goals, aren’t you? Every successful person is good at selling himself or herself-they simply sell their ideas, beliefs, and aims better than unsuccessful people do. Showing you how to sell yourself successfully is the aim of this workshop.

Course Name
Sales management

Academic Requirements
No formal requirement but competency in written and spoken English would be an added advantage.

Course Contents
5 Hours

  • Who and what is a customer?
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Customers and their types
  • Needs and expectations of the customer
  • Why the customers need care?
  • External customers
  • Varying external customers
  • The consumer decision-making process
  • How customers approach you?

5 Hours

  • How you may approach a customer?
  • Attitude formation
  • Handling varying customers
  • Fundamentals of customer care
  • Elements in customer care
  • How service breaks down?
  • Personality Tests

5 Hours

  • How to recover from service breakdowns?
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Art of winning customer
  • Customer friendly environment
  • Customer first & customer oriented service
  • Role Plays

1 Hour

  • Examination

3 days (5 hours per day) and 1 hour examination

Course Fee
MRf 1,000/-

Payment Installments
No installment plan

In takes
Throughout the year and on request