Opportunities at MAPS College for prospective students

Welcome to the Prospective Students page of Maps College. We are pleased that you are considering a Maps College program. The college offers many opportunities and resources for students to get involved on campus and explore career options. Combine that with the excellent faculty and staff and you will be in for a wonderful college experience.
We offer over 70 courses on areas such as Business, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Travel and Tourism, Accounting, Computer Hardware and Information Technology. Students have the opportunity to join Certificate level and continue till they complete the Degree from Maps College.

Available Pathways

The pathways shown in the previous website is very easy to understand so I think it will be good to show the same pathway in this website too for all the courses.

3. Application and Acceptance Process

Once the college receives an application, first it will be checked whether the applicant is eligible for the Course. The eligible applicants will be given an Offer Letter stating that they have been selected for the course and the details of the course will be provided such as the start date, course fee, expected completion date and duration of the course.

Along with this, the applicant will be given an Offer Acceptance document where the college terms and conditions will be given in detail. This document should be read and signed by the applicant and submitted to the College. Once this procedure is completed he/she formally becomes a student of Maps College.

A third document, the Master Invoice will be given to the applicant with the details of the payments that should be paid for the entire semester. A deadline will be given for each payment and late payments would be taken with a fine of 1% per late day. Students are advised to pay before the deadline to refrain from this.

4. Ways of Applying
Students who are interested to enroll in a course conducted at MAPS may apply in one of the following ways
1. Apply online
Students can apply online through this website by clicking APPY ONLINE.

2. Apply in person
Students can send in their completed application forms along with supporting documents to MAPS College Campus at H. Vaifilaa-aage. Application forms will be available from MAPS College Campus or students may download the application form from this website (A.Ali: provide link)
If any student needs assistance in the application procedure, they may contact the Registrar’s Office on 3302148 or send in their queries to aminath.abdul@maps.edu.mv or to info@maps.edu.mv

5. Academic Calendar
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6. Important to Know
Terms and Conditions for studying at MAPS College.
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