This October, for the first time in the history of the MAPS College, students will be able to undertake 34 of our courses across seven subject areas online from anywhere in the Maldives, helping to further increase the inclusivity of education in the country.

Achieving a high-quality MAPS College qualification can transform lives. Graduates of MAPS College are able to access better quality job opportunities; perform better within their current roles; and identify opportunities for personal and professional development more effectively in all aspects of their life. For the first time, these benefits will also be accessible to students across the Maldives without the need to study in Male’.

At MAPS College, online students will be able to complete 100% of the lectures in their own homes and islands, making the qualifications ideal for those living outside of Male’ who are looking to achieve a high-quality qualification.

The quality of education provided by MAPS College is well known throughout Male’, thanks to our high quality lecturing team, rigorous student support, and provision of world-class resources through our free online libraries, free access to Microsoft 365 for all students, and approval by MQA of all our programmes. From October 2019 onwards, students across the Maldives will be able to experience the same level of quality from their own homes and islands.

All our online courses are fully approved by MQA, and range from Advanced Certificate up to Bachelor’s degree level courses.

Available Courses

Level 4 (Advanced Certificate)

Level 5 (Diploma)

Level 6 (Associate Degree)

Level 7 (Bachelor’s Degree)

Key Benefits

Aside from the major benefit of being able to study away from Male’, all our courses include a host of unique benefits for our students:

  • Free access to Microsoft Office 365 for all students
  • Free access to world-class international libraries
  • All courses fully approved by MQA
  • Top quality lecturers with real-world business knowledge
  • Online Campus powered by Ooredoo Smart Campus and Microsoft Teams
  • Exams held in local atolls, rather than in Male’ (for all MAPS College units)
  • Ability to study for free! All Bachelor’s Degrees are eligible for full or partial funding through Government’s First Degree scheme for eligible students.

First Degree Scheme

All our Bachelor’s Degrees are included in the Government’s First Degree Scheme, meaning eligible students’ course fees will be fully or substantially covered for the Bachelors degrees, as follows:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration – 100% covered
  • Bachelor of Human Resource Management – 100% covered
  • Bachelor of Project Management – 100% covered
  • Bachelor of Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management – 100% covered
  • Bachelor of Marketing Management– 100% covered
  • Bachelor of Tourism Management – 90% covered
  • Bachelor of Accounting and Business (including ACCA) – 70% – 75% covered

How to join

Our first intake will commence this October. To join, apply by 30 September 2019 via the MAPS College website. For more information please contact us on 331 4621, or email [email protected].