The College ethos seeks to help establish a context for enlightened and effective management, and to help build an appropriate working and learning environment for the College community.

It seeks to ensure that students are treated as mature and responsible individuals and are allocated as much responsibility as is possible and practicable, including an active role in decisions that affect them.

In addition to being provided with the best possible learning experiences, students are to be given every opportunity to develop personal and social skills and, generally, to derive the maximum benefits from their College experience.

The atmosphere is friendly and informal, whilst the enthusiasm of the faculty encourages a disciplined approach to study. The academic atmosphere of the College is very evident to visitors, who comment on the quiet, purposeful atmosphere that pervades the building.

At the centre of the College is the modern library with its quiet study cubicles. The library is supervised by a member of staff. This sets the academic tone. There is also a strong element of student support that runs alongside rigorous academic monitoring: personal tutors get to know their tutees very well and are able to help them in a variety of ways when issues arise. The ethos of the College builds confidence by bringing students together who all have the same goal in mind, teaching them in small groups, encouraging a dedication to hard work and giving guidance throughout, so that each student can achieve the highest results of which he or she is capable.

MAPS College seeks to pass on to its students not only skills for earning a living but values for living in a way that shows respect for all that is noble and true. It acknowledges that each of its students is uniquely gifted and it seeks to provide each one of them with curricular and extra-curricular opportunities that are suited to his/her aptitudes and aspirations.

Our students are taught and helped to assess things at their true worth, to cherish only what is good, and to approach society in a generous and critical manner. This is in line with the country’s tradition of prestige for the educated as well as its contemporary norm of overseas academic excellence in all fields.

Furthermore, our students are challenged to acquire an appreciation of the finer things in life – a particular emphasis is placed on humanities.

Overall, our hope is that our students may come to adopt as their own those values taught by Islam.