Ms. Christine Gill, Deputy Chief Executive of ABE ( Association of Business Executive), visited MAPS College on 29th March 2012 as part of her visit to ABE Accredited Centers in the Maldives and Srilanka.

On her visit to MAPS College, she had a meeting with Rector, Vice Rector and senior official of the college and Lecturers.  In this meeting, how ABE could assist MAPS College to further extend its support in conducting it’s qualifications were discussed and information about upcoming new qualifications that ABE are going to introduce were discussed.

ABE Qualifications are recognized worldwide and it offers Diploma, Advanced Diploma, and Postgraduate Diploma level qualifications. At present ABE has of over 50,000 students studying for different levels of ABE qualification. MAPS College conducts Association of Business Executive (ABE) qualification since 2000.