Our History

Founded in 1999, MAPS College was the first institute in the Maldives to offer tutoring and assessment for ACCA Accounting examinations. Over time, MAPS expanded its offering of overseas qualifications to ABE qualifications, and later qualifications from Pearson, CTH, Australian Institute of Business, University of Bedfordshire and Oxford Brookes University.

As MAPS grew in size it also expanded the subject areas covered, whilst continuing to remain focussed on business-related subjects to ensure it remained a true centre of excellence for business administration and management.

In 2011 MAPS was awarded College Status, being one of the very first group of institutes to be awarded the status. Since 2011, the College has continued to expand and adapt to the changing world. It introduced the first international MBA to the Maldives in 2013 with the Australian Institute of Business; became one of the first institutes in the country to introduce online study options in 2019; and remains the only Maldivian institute offering dual accredited qualifications with ACCA since 2019.

As MAPS College moves towards celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2024, it continues to focus on developing innovative qualifications, teaching methods and student experiences to provide its students with the best learning experience in the Maldives.