Below are a series of documents available for download that students and prospective students may find useful. 

MAPS College Application Form (pdf)

MAPS College Application for Deferment from a Program (pdf)

MAPS College Application for Recommencement of Studies (pdf)

MAPS College Application for Withdrawal from a Program (pdf)

MAPS College Application for Redo / Resit (pdf)

MAPS College Assessment Grade Appeal Form (pdf)

MAPS College Certificate Request Form (pdf)

MAPS College Application to Request for Reference Letter (pdf)

MAPS College Request for Alternative Examination Arrangements (pdf)

MAPS College Request to Change Program (pdf)

MAPS College Mitigating Circumstances Form (pdf)

Application for ACCA Tuition (pdf)

Application for ACCA Computer Based Examination (pdf)

General FAQ’s for Education Financing Facility

Student Handbook 2024 (pdf)

Academic Calendar 2024 (pdf)

Students applying for or enrolled in the University of Bedfordshire courses at MAPS College may also find the additional documents listed below helpful:

University of Bedfordshire International Application Form (pdf)

University of Bedfordshire Mitigation Policy (pdf)

University of Bedfordshire Mitigation Request Form (word)

University of Bedfordshire Interruption of Studies Form (word)

University of Bedfordshire Withdrawal Form (word)