Academic Excellence
The ability to understand, apply and integrate in-depth knowledge within and beyond their chosen discipline, and the ability to undertake scholarly activity within their chosen discipline to support the creation of new knowledge and understanding.
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
The ability to solve problems effectively through critical, creative and evidence-based decision-making.
Effective Communication and Collaboration
The ability to communicate information and ideas effectively, based on the audience and context, and the ability to collaborate effectively in teams to achieve shared goals.
Professionalism and Leadership
Exhibits respect and courtesy in all personal and professional settings, demonstrating responsibility and accountability; and the ability to engage others in an idea or vision within a leadership role.
Demonstrates integrity and honesty in all personal and professional settings.
Demonstrates awareness and appreciation of social and cultural diversity, and the ability to actively, ethically and respectfully engage with individuals from all cultures and groups in an inclusive manner.
Social Responsibility
Demonstrates an awareness of the role of the individual in society, and the importance of being a socially responsible global citizen in the interconnected world.
Lifelong Learning and Development
An openness to, and an interest in, life-long learning, including the capacity for self-reflection, self-discovery and personal development.