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  • Click on the about page on this website and you will come across this bold statement, Welcome to MAPS College, where we map your path to success. It makes you wonder if it really does. The answer to this is an abbreviated yes! MAPS will steer you away from your current situation while empowering you with knowledge and countless opportunities.

    Whether you are in management, marketing or sales, or just looking for an opportunity get ahead in your career, MAPS will set out the path for you to embark on the most remarkable academic journey of your life.

    Little did I know that I was going to get a scholarship from Crown and Champa resorts in collaboration with MAPS College and it has been a life changing event for me. MAPS have set out my path for success. And I believe it can set out yours too.

    Ali Shaulaan,Student, MAPS Associates Degree in Business Management


Did you know… Every qualification at MAPS College is fully approved by the Maldives Qualification Authority!
Did you know… Students can complete the University of Bedfordshire BA (Hons) Business Administration Top-up in just 8 months!
Did you know… In 2006 MAPS Collage received the Prestigious Presidents National award for Outstanding Contribution in the education Field.
Did you know… MAPS College is the only partner of the University of Bedfordshire in the Maldives!
Did you know… MAPS College partners with more international providers than any other Higher Education Institute in the Maldives!
Did you know… Our students have access to world class online libraries, including EBSCOhost, Cambridge Journals, JSTOR and more!
Did you know… MAPS College is celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2019!
Did you know… MAPS College Accounting courses are the ONLY courses in Maldives to fully embed the ACCA Diplomas and Advanced Diploma within their content!
Did you know… All MAPS College Bachelor’s degree courses are included within the Government’s First Degree programme, and many are completely free for eligible students!
Did you know… Students have 15 different Level 4 Advanced Certificate courses to choose from at MAPS College!