MAPS College Student Association (MCSA) was established in 2011 and serves as the representative body for all MAPS College students. All students of MAPS College are automatically enrolled as members of the Student Association, and are encouraged to participate in the running of the association and its events.

As set out in the MCSA Constitution, the purpose of the MCSA is:

  • To foster and make provision for the cultural, recreational, social and sporting activities of the membership.
  • To promote the well-being of the membership.
  • To make provision for the representation of the opinions of the membership to the appropriate bodies both within and outside the College.

The MCSA is run through an Executive Committee. Members of the Executive Committee are selected by students through an annual election, and serve for a period of one year. The Executive Committee is composed of the following elected officers:

  1. President
  2. Vice President for Administrative Affairs
  3. Vice President for Academic Affairs
  4. Financial Executive
  5. Sports and Recreation Executive
  6. Secretary

MCSA arranges a number of activities throughout the year to achieve its objectives, including extracurricular and co-curricular activities. Some of the past activities include futsal competitions, debate competitions, field visits, fantasy premier league, and taking part in basketball competitions and handball competitions to name a few.

More information about the activities can be found on the MCSA Facebook page.