For our June 2012 Intake, our market research shows a staggering 600 applicants will apply for a placement in one of our ABE, CTH, ACCA, Edexcel, BIMS and other study programmes (click here to see courses offered in June 2012 Intake).  Unfortunately the maximum number of applicants who can be awarded a placement is limited to 215 at present, according to MAPS College Marketing Team. So far “the response from the potential students are extremely good for this year” says a member of the Marketing Team.

The College advices students not to wait till the last moment to apply as it may be too late to secure a placement. Also the applicants taking advantage of the College online applications service are requested to submit their supporting documents (such as certificates, ID card copy etc) to the College Reception in person or by emailing to without delays, as those applications will not be processed unless all the supporting documents are received by the College.

The ABE Level 7 Diploma Business Management (MNQF Level 8 Postgraduate Diploma), all programmes of the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) and the Edexcel Higher National Diploma in Accounting (MNQF Level 6 Advanced Diploma) are EXCLUSIVELY offered at MAPS College in the Maldives at present.

All the ABE, CTH, Edexcel, ACCA and BIMS courses offered at MAPS College are approved by the Maldives Qualification Authority at the appropriate level. The Advanced Diploma shares the same level, which Level 6 with the Associate /Foundation Degree in the Maldives National Qualification Framework.

It is advisable to apply before the deadline in order to ensure that a placement is guaranteed. For more information please visit our website at or email or call us on 3314621 or visit us at the MAPS College Campus on Janavareemagu.