Students at MAPS College can now access two world-class online libraries to support their higher-education studies. The online libraries provide students with access to the latest research, journal articles and company information to help ensure the learning experience at MAPS College is as high quality as possible.

Access is now available to MAPS College students for the following libraries:

  • JSTOR – a multi-disciplinary library providing access to a broad range of journal articles, including historical articles from selected journals.
  • EBSCOhost – a business-focussed online library providing access to latest journals, news publications and up-to-date company information.

Both online libraries are freely available to students enrolled at MAPS College, alongside the physical library at the College which contains core textbooks for student research.

The acquisition of the new online libraries is part of the College’s strategic plan to ensure investment is focussed on enhancing the student experience and providing the best quality higher education in the Maldives.