MAPS College is pleased to announce that the ACCA students who sat for the December 2017 examinations achieved higher pass rates for their exams than the global average!

Pass rates for the December 2017 exams for units F1-F3 and F6, F8 and F9 at MAPS College and the global pass rates are as follows:

MAPS College                Global
F1 – 88%                        F1 – 77%
F2 – 71%                        F2 – 65%
F3 – 71%                        F3 – 71%
F6 – 67%                        F6 – 51%
F8 – 57%                        F8 – 40%
F9 – 43%                        F9 – 48%

The high pass rates show once again that MAPS College students are receiving the support they need to excel and progress in their careers as ACCA-qualified accountants. Thanks to our strong results and supportive learning environment, MAPS College is recognized by ACCA as a Gold Approved Learning Provider, in recognition of the quality of learning provision and support for ACCA students. This status proves that the College meets the high quality and performance targets placed by ACCA in delivering their courses at MAPS College.

MAPS College is the pioneer who introduced ACCA qualifications in the Maldives and the first authorized ACCA computer based examination center in the Maldives as well.  There is still opportunity for those Student who are interested to join ACCA courses which began this month. Please get in touch with the College (3314621 or email to see what options are available for you.