MAPS College is proud to be celebrating our 15 year anniversary. Since our emergence in 1999 as the first private higher education institute in the Maldives, we have been providing the Maldivian public with high quality, affordable courses to achieve their higher education needs while remaining in the Maldives.

While MAPS College’s student enrollments has grown year on year, we have continued our efforts make available more of the World’s leading qualifications students in the Maldives. As such, MAPS College is now   affiliated with education institutions from UK, Australia and Malaysia, namely ACCA, ABE, CTH, Edexcel, AIB and Binary University.

In conjunction with our 15 year anniversary celebration, a new logo has been designed, taking in ideas and concepts from our very own students, who have participated in the 15 year logo design competition. In addition to launching our new logo, a number of activities are being organised by our staff and students, supported by the MAPS College Marketing Team and the MAPS College Student Association executive committee members.

To commence the anniversary events, a road-race will be held, which is open to the general public, followed by a fundraising event including fun activities for all ages. Finally, an anniversary dinner for staff and students of MAPS College will take place to complete our 15 years anniversary celebrations. We strongly encourage everyone to join this auspicious celebration with us.