MAPS College held its Graduation Ceremony on 13 April at Dharubaaruge, Rannabandeyri Maalam to celebrate more than 400 students who have graduated from the College.


The Ceremony was attended by senior officials from the government and private companies, heads of private higher education institutes, students of different schools of Male’ and parents and family members of the graduating students.


The Chief Guest of the Ceremony was UNDP Resident Coordinator Ms. Shoko Noda.



During her address to the students, Ms. Shoko Noda shared experiences from her student life and advised students to be sincere in their work and to pursue a career which they are passionate about. She also highlighted the importance of attaining higher education for women to achieve a senior level position. During her address she stated that the number of women who are being employed in the Maldives is increasing and that this is an important step to break the glass ceiling. However, she also expressed concern over the fact that there are few women in the decision making levels of the government.


Grad2016_MTCC3 Grad2016_STO1

The Ceremony commenced with the recitation of holy Qur’an and an address by the Deputy Rector of MAPS College, Mr Abdul Azeez Ibrahim. During his speech Mr Azeez noted that MAPS College had introduced courses from well-respected international bodies several years ago to support the growth of Maldivian skills and knowledge, and that these courses had gone from strength to strength at the College.

Grad2016_Azeez2 Grad2016_Gowns4

Grad2016_Gowns2 Grad2016_Gowns3

He also spoke about the progress that the College has made since it was founded 17 years ago. During this period, MAPS College had started offering its own courses alongside its international offerings, and is planning to introduce additional programs in different fields in the near future.

Grad2016_AAli1 Grad2016_AAli2 Grad2016_AAli3Rasi Grad2016_AAli4Eman Grad2016_AAli5Zaka Grad2016_AAli6Jal Grad2016_AAli7Shi Grad2016_AAli8

During his speech, Mr Azeez highlighted that MAPS College always strives to offer programs which are accepted internationally and locally; with the College vision focused on becoming a top tier business school in the region.

Grad2016_AIB1 Grad2016_AIB2Ainthu Grad2016_AIB3 Grad2016_AIB4Haifa Grad2016_AIB5Alone Grad2016_Khaleel1

At the Graduation Ceremony, selected institutions and businesses were recognized through receiving the ‘MAPS Crystal Award’, presented to institutions and businesses which have trusted MAPS College with their staff development and education.

Grad2016_Azeez1 Grad2016_Azleen4Others

The MAPS Crystal Awards were presented to STO , Ooredoo, Crown and Champa Resorts, FALIM and MTCC. Awards were also given to selected lecturers for the continuous services provided to MAPS College, and to students who had achieved outstanding results in their studies.

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