MAPS College, veterans in providing quality and affordable higher education for 17 years introduced 3 new programs on the 28th April 2016. The three new courses introduced Bachelor of Arts in Education courses specializing in the areas “Business Studies”, “Economics” and “Accounting”. The launching ceremony was held at the Seminar Hall of MAPS College and was launched by the Deputy Minister of Education Mr. Azleen Ahmed.


An introduction of the courses was provided by the Deputy Rector of MAPS College Mr. Abdul Azeez Ibrahim. During his address he pointed out that the programs were carefully constructed with the help of expert consultants to provide teachers the maximum amount of knowledge and content about the subjects the courses are specializing in. He also mentioned that the three degrees would be aimed in training teachers to obtain qualifications to teach A’ level subjects.

Furthermore, during the speech he also highlighted the fact the course will be helping teachers to implement teaching techniques to cope with the advancements in the 21st century and implement new technology in the teaching environment. Mr. Abdul Azeez also pointed out that the students who take part in the courses will be given opportunities to gain experience in higher secondary and secondary schools.


The Deputy Minister of Education Mr. Azleen Ahmed highlighted the importance of the three courses to the development of the country and mentioned that MAPS is experienced provider of education in the business field. He highlighted that the introduction of these programs is an important step taken for the development of teachers and that there are only a few courses available in Maldives that provide the opportunity for teachers to specialize in the field of economics. He stated that students who want to pursue these courses are able to do so through the loan scheme of the government.


To sum up, he offered assistance in the efforts MAPS College to provide teachers with better knowledge and opportunities in the field and mentioned that training teachers and to advance their qualification is one of the biggest priorities of the government.

The new three programs introduced by MAPS College are all approved by the Maldives Qualifications Authority. Intake for the courses are now open and the deadline will 31st May 2016.