MAPS College offers a special intake for the ABE level 4 Diploma qualifications and ABE level 5 Diploma qualifications during the month of October. The intake is specially designed for the students who need special trainings for a strong foundation in the areas of Information Technology, Mathematics and English.

The free exciting enrichment programme is of great advantage for the students as it would build academic capacity in the students to acquire further higher studies. Our aim is to encourage young people into higher studies for a better future. The enrichment programme is specially designed to help students gain knowledge, appreciation for social interaction and intellectual collaboration. This, of course, contributes to the student’s personal, interpersonal and social development as lifelong learners.

The November intake also includes the attractive Edexcel BTEC HND in Accounting, MAPS Certificate I in Information Technology, MAPS Certificate II Information Technology and MAPS Certificate III Information Technology.

The last date to submit application is 28 October 2011 and studies will begin on 1 November 2011.