The students of MAPS College actively participated in electing the next committee for the MAPS College Students Association (MCSA) which was held on 3 March 2016 at the MAPS College The Ibn Battuta Library. The MCSA stands as a representation of the whole student body at the College, and are actively responsible for the organizing of events and other activities throughout the campus. To highlight their active roles, the purpose of the MCSA is to;

  • Foster and make provision for the cultural, recreational, social and sporting activities of the membership.
  • Promote the well-being of the membership.
  • Make provision for the representation of the opinions of the membership to the appropriate bodies both within and outside the College.
  • Receive the funds allocated by the College for the purpose of fulfilling the objectives of MCSA, and administer them in accordance with objectives of the Association.

The MAPS College Futsal Tournament, the Inter-College Futsal Challenge and the MAPS College Annual Trip were excellent highlights of MCSA role and achievements in the past years. Additionally MCSA represented MAPS College in many meetings conducted by the Government on various areas.

The newly elected committee (MCSA Executive Committee 2016) comprises of the following students elected for their respective posts:

Ibrahim Shiyan Mohamed – MAPS Associate’s Degree in Marketing

Administrative Executive

Ilhama Naeem – MAPS Associate’s Degree in HRM

Academic Executive

Abdul Matheen Abdul Gafoor – MAPS Associate’s Degree in HRM

Sports & Recreation Executive

Mohamed Muavvazu – MAPS Associate’s Degree in HRM


Mariyam Zaheena Ahmed – MAPS Associate’s Degree in Business Management

Congratulations and good luck to the newly elected members. Let this be a busy and eventful elected term as well.