In our efforts to continuously improve the administration of the College and the experience of our students, MAPS College today signed a contract with local company Paaicles Tech Pvt Ltd to develop a new College Management Information System.

The new system will allow the College to better track and update student records, which will help us to deliver a faster, more reliable service to our students. The project will be delivered in two phases – with Phase one including the development of the initial system, and Phase two being the roll out of student access to the system. This will allow students to view their own records and additional information, helping to increase transparency of the College and our students’ ease of studying with us.

Paaticles is a local company with a strong track record of supporting Maldivian organisations’ Information requirements. MAPS College is proud to be working with a local organisation in this project, showing the skills of Maldivian organisations can compete with those from abroad. We hope that through our popular IT qualifications, more Maldivian technology organisations will develop in the future.

Phase one of the project is due to be completed within 3 months, after which time our students should be able to see a faster service delivery from the College. Once Phase two has been completed, students will have the ability to access their own records for the first time. The project is a major milestone for MAPS College, and shows the College continues to invest heavily in its resources and infrastructure.

The signing ceremony took place at the FALIM Group headquarters. Contracts were signed by the Rector of MAPS College, Ahmed Ali, and Ismail Shafiu, Managing Director of Paaticles.