Mohamed Hamza Abdul Razzaq studying for Oxford’s Brooke’s Bsc (Hons) in Applied Accounting course scored 94 out of 100 in his FFA exam recently.

In his own words, why Hamza chose to study ACCA at MAPS College:

“When I decided to proceed further with my higher studies to be an Accounting Professional, I closely revised all the Accounting programs provided by various colleges in Male’. I went through their websites, visited their open days and talked with their senior staff, including MAPS College regarding my ambitions and what I am looking for. I have always wanted to study for an ACCA Qualification. After going through all the different programs, I consulted a senior member of my family for advise. He advised me that if I want to pursue an ACCA Qualification the best place to study is MAPS College. Being the eldest tutor of ACCA and the huge experience the MAPS will have, taking his advise I decided to join MAPS College. At the time I decided to join MAPS, MAPS announced Oxford Brooke’s University Degree in Applied Accounting program which I was looking for, to be honest. I didn’t think twice and decided to apply. When I joined the MAPS, I realized this is the only College any student must join to have everything to complete a successful accounting career. The lecturers were very helpful, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their subjects, which made learning easier. As well as this, the lecturers and staff are always supportive in the case of any personal issues that may occur, and are more than willing to offer a sympathetic ear. As exams were coming closer, I found that college was very much concerned about our studies. They allowed us space for unlimited time for group and self studies and provided the best teachers for the revision.

When I went to the exam, I was very confident that I would do exceptionally well. Accounting and Maths, being my strength in studies, I know that I am capable of providing a new benchmark for MAPS College. I aimed to achieve a perfect 100 and I had a strong determination to win, so that I was not surprised when I saw my marks. However, I was in a shock when I saw the marks because I knew I did it facing the challenge of so called “Challenging and tricky ACCA Questions”. I did it with the help of God’s blessings and hope to bring more joy and success to MAPS College with my determination in the future, whatever the way I can. In this moment, I really wanted to thank all the staff of MAPS College for their tremendous encouragements and help from senior management, especially during the exam preparation. I am more excited to see that I have brought a remarkable time of celebration and a moment of proud to MAPS College which will add to their colorful and successful history.”