We are now accepting applications from interested candidates to join the following courses starting in March 2014. Candidates may apply online or download and complete application, which can be submitted to College Reception on the First Floor of H. Vaifilaa-age, Janavaree Magu. Applicants are requested to read the Terms and Conditions for Studying at MAPS College before applying.

Application deadline for all courses are 28 February 2014.

While guaranteeing the quality, we offer the best course fees in town.


Master’s Degree (MNQF Level 9) Courses – *also available in block mode

» Australian Institute of Business (AIB)’s  Masters in Business Administration (MBA)*

Graduate Diploma (MNQF Level 8) Courses

» CTH Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Bachelor’s Degree and Professional Diploma (MNQF Level 7) Courses – *also available in block mode

» Australian Institute of Business (AIB)’s  Bachelor in Business Administration*
» Australian Institute of Business (AIB)’s  Bachelor in Business Administration (Human Resource Management)*
» MAPS BSc in Information Technology (Software Development)
» MAPS BSc in Information Technology (Network Management)

Advanced Diploma (MNQF Level 6) Courses 

» CTH Advanced Diploma in Hotel Management
» CTH Advanced Diploma in Tourism Management

Diploma (MNQF Level 5) Courses 

» ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business
» ACCA Certified Accounting Technician (CAT)
» CTH Diploma in Hotel Management
» CTH Diploma in Tourism Management

Foundation Studies and Certificate  (MNQF Level 4) Courses

» MAPS Foundation Studies in Business Accounting
» MAPS Foundation Studies in Business Management
» MAPS Foundation Studies in Marketing Management
» MAPS Foundation Studies in Human Resource Management
» MAPS Foundation Studies in Information Technology
» CTH Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Certificate (MNQF Levels 1, 2 and 3) Courses

» ACCA Introductory Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting
» ACCA Intermediary Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting
» MAPS Certificate I in Information Technology
» MAPS Certificate II in Information Technology
» MAPS Certificate III in Information Technology
» MAPS Certificate I in Computer Hardware

Block Mode Courses: these courses give the working students more flexibility in attending to classes.  Instead of attending classes every day, students who are studying under the ‘Block Mode’ will only attend classes few days a week or month, or during the weekends depending on their chosen course. Weekends blocks enable those students who are working in resorts and living in close by islands to Male’, to attend classes without difficulty.

For more information and course fee click the desired course or contact College on 331 4621 or email info@maps.edu.mv.