Welcome to MAPS College, where we map your path to success.

Founded in 1999, MAPS College’s predecessor – the MAPS Institute – was a pioneering private educational institution in the Maldives. From relatively humble beginnings, the Institute grew in stature and popularity among the youth, particularly those aspiring to embark on a career in accounting, finance and management. The flexibility of the courses on offer, coupled with the option to attain renowned overseas qualifications at affordable prices resulted in the steady increase in student enrollment. New courses in various fields of study such as travel, tourism and hospitality, public relations, and information technology accelerated the drive towards collegiate application. The partnerships with ABE and ACCA were also landmarks in the development of the Institution. It is safe to say that we, at MAPS, are the experts at teaching accounting and finance!

MAPS was awarded college status on the 12th of January 2011, at which point the organisation took on the name “MAPS College’. The awarding of College status was far more than a new suffix to the name however; it represented a complete rebranding of MAPS with its new logo and colours, a move to a new modern campus with enhanced facilities and services, a new and exhaustive list of courses, a stronger faculty and a new vision of excellence in education.

MAPS College is also focused on ensuring a wholesome student experience, including stronger intra-student cooperation, student-faculty collaboration, and close contact with the wider community. An exhaustive list of activities organized by our student’s union have always been a welcome break from the classroom, while ‘Connections’ the College newsletter is a popular medium of communication both within the College and with the community.

Since 2011 the College has not stood still. We have forged new partnerships with several international bodies, including the University of Bedfordshire, Oxford Brookes University and Cambridge Assessment. In 2019 the College launched its courses online for the first time, expanding our reach across the Maldives and providing educational opportunities to every person in the Maldives.

MAPS College strives to enhance our students’ talent and ability, whether it be in the classroom, in the lab, on the playing field, or beyond via our online delivery. We ensure that they are free to be their most intelligent, creative, determined, successful selves.

A MAPS education lasts a lifetime, as do the friendships made here. From late night study sessions in our library to the raucous atmosphere of our Open Days, we are truly a community.

But don’t take our word for it. Visit MAPS College and see how much a part of us you might be.