The Offer Letter to study either MAPS Foundation Studies in Business or Information Technology was handed over to the parent of Ibrahim Fareedh, who won the lucky draw held by the organizer’s of the Maldives Education Expo 2014 which sponsored by MAPS College. Ibrahim Fareedh is will join MAPS College to continue his studies after completing his O Level studies, in which is he currently completing the final year.

The lucky draw prize offered by MAPS College was for one person to study either MAPS Foundation in Studies in Business or MAPS Foundation Studies in Information Technology for free of charge. The Foundation Studies course takes  8 months to complete, and is the shortest pathway to a Bachelor’s degree or Associate’s degree.

The Maldives Education Expo 2014 was held on the 17th and 18th of April 2014 at the National Art Gallery. MAPS College is pleased to offer this opportunity to Ibrahim Fareedh, and congratulates him and his parents on winning the lucky draw prize.