We are pleased to announce that the application deadline for our October 2019 intake has been extended by 10 days, to allow students one last opportunity to join our courses this year.

Applications can be submitted for our face-to-face and online courses until 10 October 2019.

The following courses will be accepting applications until 10 October 2019:

Available Courses

Level 4 (Advanced Certificate)

Level 5 (Diploma)

Level 6 (Associate Degree)

Level 7 (Bachelor’s Degree)

First Degree Scheme

All our Bachelor’s Degrees are included in the Government’s First Degree Scheme, meaning eligible students’ course fees will be fully or substantially covered for the Bachelors degrees, as follows:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration – 100% covered
  • Bachelor of Human Resource Management â€“ 100% covered
  • Bachelor of Project Management â€“ 100% covered
  • Bachelor of Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management â€“ 100% covered
  • Bachelor of Marketing Management– 100% covered
  • Bachelor of Tourism Management – 90% covered
  • Bachelor of Accounting and Business (including ACCA) – 70% – 75% covered

How to join

To join, apply by 10 October 2019 in person at the MAPS College Campus, or via the MAPS College website. For more information please contact us on 331 4621, or email info@maps.edu.mv.