Since its launch in February 2019 by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, the Government’s Free Education Scheme for Degree Students, has seen an increasing number of students join MAPS College to take advantage of the opportunity to study for free.

The scheme provides students studying for their first Bachelor’s degree the opportunity to receive free or subsidised education, funded by the Government. MAPS College is one of the few Higher Education Institutes which provides totally free Bachelor’s degree qualifications under the scheme, as well as heavily subsidised international programmes from the UK.

Students joining the scheme firstly apply to MAPS College for their choice of degree. After their application has been reviewed, MAPS College provides students with an offer letter they can then use to apply online to the Ministry of Higher Education to join the scheme.

The straightforward process can be completed anywhere in the Maldives, and also covers MAPS College’s online degree programmes, meaning students can study for free from anywhere in the Maldives in a wide range of subject areas.

ALL degree level courses at MAPS College are included in the scheme, covering 12 courses available at MAPS College and a further 7 courses available online.

One of the most unique courses at MAPS College to be included in the scheme is the MAPS College Bachelor of Accounting and Business. This course includes the ACCA Diploma and ACCA Advanced Diploma qualifications, meaning students can receive funding to complete ACCA qualifications AND a Bachelor’s degree at the same time.

The available courses included in the Government Funding Scheme at MAPS College are as follows:

For more information on the Free Degree Scheme, please contact MAPS College on 331 4621, or email