Students can now apply to join our March 2020 intake across a broad range of local and international qualifications, including online courses!

The deadline for applications is 3 March 2020, with early applications recommended.

As with previous intakes, eligible students enrolling onto ANY of our Bachelor’s degree qualifications, including online studies, will be able to access government funding to cover up to 100% of the course fees through the Government’s First Degree Scheme.

The following courses are available for enrolment this March:

University of Bedfordshire – Delivered at Male’ Campus

Bachelor’s Degree (MNQF Level 7) – Delivered at Male’ Campus and Online

Associate Degree (MNQF Level 6) – Delivered at Male’ Campus and Online

Diploma (MNQF Level 5) – Delivered at Male’ Campus and Online

Advanced Certificate (MNQF Level 4) – Delivered at Male’ Campus and Online

IT courses (MNQF Level 1-4) – Delivered at Male’ Campus

How to join

To join, apply by 3 March 2020 in person at the MAPS College Campus, or online via the MAPS College website. For more information please contact us on 331 4621, or email