Students wishing to join the College as online or face-to-face students have until 26 December 2019 to apply for our January 2020 intake. This intake includes both our MAPS College qualifications AND our international qualifications from the University of Bedfordshire, Oxford Brookes University, ACCA and ABE, giving students unparalleled choice in selecting one of more than 50 qualifications that best meets their future needs.

Why Choose MAPS College?

  • Up to 100% Government funding for ALL out Bachelor’s degree level courses.
  • Evening classes to help those in full-time employment get ahead.
  • 100% online delivery for MAPS College courses for those living outside Greater Male’.
  • The best quality education in the Maldives. Experienced lecturers to guide your journey; flexible and caring student-support; world-class online libraries to help with assignments; in-depth course content built around workplace needs; free access to Microsoft Office 365 for all students; and the chance to be part of a community that goes beyond the classroom.

Available Courses (Awarded by International Partners)

ACCA and Oxford Brookes University Qualifications (Accounting) – Delivered at Male’ Campus

ABE Qualifications (Business, Marketing, Human Resources) – Delivered at Male’ Campus

University of Bedfordshire – Delivered at Male’ Campus

Available Courses (Awarded by MAPS College)

Fitness Instructor courses (MNQF Level 3 and 4) – Delivered at Male’ Campus

IT courses (MNQF Level 1-4) – Delivered at Male’ Campus

Advanced Certificate (MNQF Level 4) – Delivered at Male’ Campus and Online

Diploma (MNQF Level 5) – Delivered at Male’ Campus and Online

Associate Degree (MNQF Level 6) – Delivered at Male’ Campus and Online

Bachelor’s Degree (MNQF Level 7) – Delivered at Male’ Campus and Online

First Degree Scheme

All our Bachelor’s Degree level courses are included in the Government’s First Degree Scheme, meaning eligible students’ course fees will be fully or substantially covered as follows:

  • MAPS Bachelor of Business Administration – 100% covered
  • MAPS Bachelor of Human Resource Management â€“ 100% covered
  • MAPS Bachelor of Project Management â€“ 100% covered
  • MAPS Bachelor of Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management â€“ 100% covered
  • MAPS Bachelor of Marketing Management– 100% covered
  • MAPS Bachelor of Tourism Management – 90% covered
  • MAPS Bachelor of Accounting and Business (including ACCA) – up to 75% covered
  • ABE Level 4/5/6 combined Qualification – up to 70% covered
  • Oxford Brookes University BSc (Hons) Applied Accounting – up to 60% covered
  • University of Bedfordshire BA (Hons) in Business Administration (Final Year) – up to 45% covered

How to join

To join, apply by 26 December 2019 in person at the MAPS College Campus, or via the MAPS College website. For more information please contact us on 331 4621, or email